Netflix Latest App May Not Be Available To Download On Your Rooted Android Phone

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Cyborg cockroach

The signal from the smartphone’s application via radio is transferred to an integrated circuit integrated with the insect. There are pulses that force the insect to move to the desired page. The electrodes transmit the signal to the insect’s nerve connections.

Remote-controlled live insect is an introduction to further research on the integration of living organism with machine. The effects of experiments, like any invention, can be used socially correctly or not.

RoboRoach is an extraordinary hybrid that combines a living organism with an electronic system that allows the holder to control the movements of an insect. Greg Gage, a co-founder of Backyard Brains, used a simple cockroach for neurological research, which resulted in the development of the first commercially available cyborg.

The kit consists of a unit that attaches to an insect antenna, a wireless antenna using a BT and a miniature battery. The whole overlaps with an insect like a backpack. Once the integrated circuits are installed, the running insect will point to the user indicated on the smartphone screen.

The Air Force is working on a new hypersonic plane

The American Air Force after the success of test flights of the first hypersonic aircraft X-51A, have sharpened their appetite for such machines. So they start designing a completely new aircraft that would be able to achieve five times the speed of sound.

The SR-71 Black Bird was one of the fastest man-made aircraft yet, but soon we can look forward to another. The American Air Force has been working on the hypersonic X-51A project for several years, which in 2013 made its first test flight, hitting the world record for the longest hypersonic flight. Now they plan to build another generation of this type of aircraft.

The term “hypersonic” refers to machines that are able to reach Mach 5 Mach 10, which is 5 to 10 times the speed of sound. This type of aircraft, usually a five-hour journey from Los Angeles to New York City, could take just 30 minutes. Unfortunately, technology is not for humans, because the required acceleration would be deadly for living organisms, so the hypersonic machines are designed solely as unmanned.

The Air Force together with DARPA are now working on the construction of another such aircraft, whose propulsion would significantly exceed the speed of Mach 5. Interestingly, engineers involved in the project claim that the costs of such vehicles may be significantly lower than traditional jet aircraft, as engines of this type have significantly less moving parts, which would reduce the cost of their production.

The machine is about to be ready by 2023.

Samsung will produce smartphones with Windows Phone

The Korean giant intends to limit its attachment to Android in the near future and launch several new smartphones with the Microsoft platform. The company has already announced a couple of new devices that will function based on Windows Phone.

So far, Samsung has focused primarily on Android smartphones, but the declining sales of mobile devices have led the company to change its sales strategy and diversify its offerings. The Korean giant has decided that it will launch fewer Android products in the future and instead offer consumers with Windows Phone.

The company wants to tap into Microsoft’s new policy, which recently announced it is releasing license fees for using its platform with all displays with displays below 9 inches.

Samsung is already offering two smartphones with windows, which are Ativ S and Ativ SE, but wants to increase their number in the future. But it is not known what direction the Korean giant will take, so it will do in the same way that HTC, which has made its One M8 version both with Windows Phone and Android, or will design completely new models. It’s just that Samsung is aiming for budget devices, so it’s not likely to be a flagship device.

NFC implants can be very useful

Electronic implants are increasingly installed in our bodies. Some allow you to control your blood pressure without having to take medications, while others are useful in diabetics, allowing you to monitor your glucose levels. In the future, implants will become increasingly popular and people will install them mainly for convenience.

Hacker Seth Wahle claims that properly used implants with NFC transmitters can be very useful in our lives, as demonstrated by a recent Miami conference devoted to cutting-edge technologies.

He showed that these types of sensors placed under the skin, they serve to control the smartphone. Of course, this is not the only use of it, as it can also open the door without the use of a key and will also serve as a useful element of smart home systems, such as automatically extinguishing and lighting up when entering the room, preparing coffee after the user’s return, or by heating Dinner in the stove.

Interestingly these types of solutions are now available to ordinary consumers and NFC chips can be purchased for around $ 40. Equipped with 1 kb of built-in memory, you can program specific functions. This may include unlocking your smartphone, unlocking your car door, controlling your home appliances, etc.

The Chinese will build a radar on the moon

China plans to build a manned radar station on the moon. A transmitter equipped with a 50 meter antenna will be used for scientific and military purposes. Its construction may begin in 2020.

China has had a rover for a few years on the moon, and will soon build a crew base there. Some time ago they planned to build a radar station, equipped with a giant antenna.

The project funded by the government with the amount of 16 million yuan (about 9 million zlotys), began several months ago and is currently in the planning phase. Engineers will develop a model that will allow them to see how useful such a base would be.

The plan is to build a radar station for scientific and military purposes. The equipment provided would allow you to monitor large areas of land on Earth as well as marine areas, generating 1.4 GB of data per second. Of course the station is to be manned and the astronauts staying there will deal with the preliminary analysis of the data collected.

Bialystok awards the creators of Mars rover

For the Hyperion project a team of students from Bialystok University of Technology received a grant from the President of Białystok. 10 ths. The prize money will be used to further invest in the rover.

Hyperion is a winning vehicle that was prepared for NASA’s University Rover Challenge 2013 and 2014. The goal was to create a vehicle to help Mars research. Last year in the Rover competition won the project Magma2, also from Białystok.

This year’s prize-winning rover was built by Michał Grześ, Robert Baldyga, Jakub Maliszewski, Jacek Wojdyła, Ariel Lech, Łukasz Matysiewicz and coordinator of the project, Piotr Ciura, thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Science, Dollars on “Mobile robot project (Mars rover) for the competition”.

The winner of the prize was the president, Tadeusz Truskolaski. He also invited students to consider further career in the Bialystok Science and Technology Park. Some students who finish their studies at the Polytechnic are wondering about the proposal but it is known that some have received interesting proposals for work in international institutions.

Samsung is preparing TVs with research?

So far, Research has been an operating system used in niche mobile phones, but Samsung plans to release it to wider waters.

They are listening that the Korean concern at next year’s CES will show its latest Smart TV receiver, equipped with the Bada platform. For now, this is unconfirmed information, but leaks that have already surfaced on the network indicate that it will be a simplified UI that offers a streaming service similar in content to Apple TV.

By providing it with the Bada platform, it will be possible to launch various applications and deliver content, and it may also be advantageous for advertisers to gain easier access to the consumer.

To see if the above information is true, we must wait until January next year when CES 2013 will take place.