Catching Pokemon in Tesla Model x

The Pok√©mon Madness takes on a very different face and how many players catch them by walking the streets, many of the fans of Nintendo’s new production do the steering wheel. One player even showed how he captures virtual creatures using the Tesla Model X Autopilot mode.

Recently the cars of the American concern Tesla Motors were in the context of accidents caused by malfunctioning Autopilot mode, ie semi-autonomous driving. Elon Musk claims that it is not the fault of technology, but the improper use of it, and in some sense it is right.

An example of a misunderstanding of Autopilot is Gary Zhou, who used Tesla X from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to use the option. Instead of holding hands on the steering wheel and watching the road, Zhou was catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO at that time. Moreover, he even filmed a video to show off on the net, but was quickly removed so we can not show him.

NASA chooses a landing site for the Mars rover

The US space agency is choosing a landing site for the new Mars 2020 rover that will go to the Red Planet. Three location proposals have been identified for the best.

NASA continues exploration of Mars and in a few years wants to send another rover called Mars 2020, which will explore the planet. The task of the new instrument is to be much more serious as it will have to drill in its surface, exploring the soil and looking for traces of life at a much greater depth.

The Space Agency has not yet chosen the final landing site for the new Jeep, but together with the Californian Monrovia scientists, they have selected three of the best proposals that have the best chance of finding a living there.

Most of the votes were given to the crater Jezero, which in the past was a lake of comparable size to Lake Tahoe. The river flowed to him, so it could be the perfect place to look for traces of life.

The second proposal is Syrtis, where hot water could circulate beneath the surface, while the third was the Columbia Hills. That’s where the Spirit rover discovered silica rocks that correspond to Earth’s hydrothermal mineral deposits.

How to protect your equipment from the storm

Every year on average 30 days are so-called “high potential storm” days. These days, there is a high probability of dangerous lightning strikes, which threaten not only humans but also electronics. The next day, every day, electronic services fall under the control of dozens of people, who have destroyed the equipment that is often the product of their lives. Here are some tips to help you in the fight against lightning:

1) First of all, during the storm, unplug all electrical equipment from the sockets.

This is a very popular and effective solution. In average home appliances and household appliances cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the lightning strike and electrical overload can in a fraction of a second to destroy them. Putting such “burned” equipment on the guarantee will not help – services know well when equipment has been burnt due to lightning or overvoltage caused by it. But disconnecting devices from the socket is not the only thing we have to remember …

2) Many people disconnect the power cable from the TV, but they forget the antenna cable.

Lightning will do anything to destroy your TV with a power cord or cable with a TV signal. Let’s remember that! We also need to disconnect the signal cables from our TV!

3) We do the same thing with the computer.

Many people forget to disconnect the cable from the internet from a computer or router. If it hits the lightning then there is no mercy. At best, your computer’s network adapter or router will not do anything. At worst we are replacing the whole computer.

4) Leave at least one receiver on the network – eg the bulb is on.

Often, in the wave of fear of the storm, we will disconnect anything that is possible to forget that if the lightning strike then, the overvoltage will circulate in the network. In this case, it is best to leave the screwed and lighted at least one light bulb so that the overvoltage will stop circulating and damage at most one bulb.

5) If you use external antennas (eg LTE internet), disconnect them and return to your home.

6) Always back up your files.

If the lightning strikes the electrical network and you have not disconnected the computer from it, almost complete loss of data will be almost certain. The only rescue is to restore the backup. But what if you did not do it? Fear to think. Always keep the most important documents on the pendrive or virtual disk (so called. A cloud) – eg a free onet.disk. Then you …

Toshiba announces the launch of three new Android tablets

In the next few months, new Android 4.0 tablet tablets will be available in stores, this time with Toshiba. The company has developed three devices of different sizes, based on the Tegra 3.

Excite tablets 7.7, 10 and 13 will have an almost identical specification. In addition to the quad-core SoC Nvidia will get 1 GB of RAM and 16, 32 or 64 GB flash memory for user data (depending on model). There will be two cameras, a 5 megapixel front-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front camera, as well as a whole set of ports: micro USB, micro HDMI and mini jack. In the smallest model, a micro SD memory card reader is used and larger full size SD cards are used.

Tablet screens are covered with a protective material – Gorilla Glass. The smallest device has an AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The 10.1 inch diagonal model uses the same resolution display, but a regular LCD backlit by LEDs. The same screen type is used in the 13.3 inch excite, but it has a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.