Bialystok awards the creators of Mars rover

For the Hyperion project a team of students from Bialystok University of Technology received a grant from the President of Białystok. 10 ths. The prize money will be used to further invest in the rover.

Hyperion is a winning vehicle that was prepared for NASA’s University Rover Challenge 2013 and 2014. The goal was to create a vehicle to help Mars research. Last year in the Rover competition won the project Magma2, also from Białystok.

This year’s prize-winning rover was built by Michał Grześ, Robert Baldyga, Jakub Maliszewski, Jacek Wojdyła, Ariel Lech, Łukasz Matysiewicz and coordinator of the project, Piotr Ciura, thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Science, Dollars on “Mobile robot project (Mars rover) for the competition”.

The winner of the prize was the president, Tadeusz Truskolaski. He also invited students to consider further career in the Bialystok Science and Technology Park. Some students who finish their studies at the Polytechnic are wondering about the proposal but it is known that some have received interesting proposals for work in international institutions.