Catching Pokemon in Tesla Model x

The Pokémon Madness takes on a very different face and how many players catch them by walking the streets, many of the fans of Nintendo’s new production do the steering wheel. One player even showed how he captures virtual creatures using the Tesla Model X Autopilot mode.

Recently the cars of the American concern Tesla Motors were in the context of accidents caused by malfunctioning Autopilot mode, ie semi-autonomous driving. Elon Musk claims that it is not the fault of technology, but the improper use of it, and in some sense it is right.

An example of a misunderstanding of Autopilot is Gary Zhou, who used Tesla X from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to use the option. Instead of holding hands on the steering wheel and watching the road, Zhou was catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO at that time. Moreover, he even filmed a video to show off on the net, but was quickly removed so we can not show him.