Cyborg cockroach

The signal from the smartphone’s application via radio is transferred to an integrated circuit integrated with the insect. There are pulses that force the insect to move to the desired page. The electrodes transmit the signal to the insect’s nerve connections.

Remote-controlled live insect is an introduction to further research on the integration of living organism with machine. The effects of experiments, like any invention, can be used socially correctly or not.

RoboRoach is an extraordinary hybrid that combines a living organism with an electronic system that allows the holder to control the movements of an insect. Greg Gage, a co-founder of Backyard Brains, used a simple cockroach for neurological research, which resulted in the development of the first commercially available cyborg.

The kit consists of a unit that attaches to an insect antenna, a wireless antenna using a BT and a miniature battery. The whole overlaps with an insect like a backpack. Once the integrated circuits are installed, the running insect will point to the user indicated on the smartphone screen.