Google Maps under IOS with offline navigation

Many drivers use Google Maps on their smartphones, using them as GPS navigation to their intended destination. IOS users also have this capability, and now they will be more likely to use it, because with the latest updates, maps have also become available offline.

IPhone owners, who often ride on long distances, do not need to buy additional GPS navigation, as their smartphones do well in this role. You can use them with very accurate Google Maps maps, which will easily lead us to the goal.

So far, however, this option was not readily chosen, because the maps were online, so it required a constant connection to the network, which for those with limited data packages was not the happiest solution. Now, however, this defect has been eliminated and Google Maps also works offline so it is completely free. All you have to do before you leave your home is to download maps to your smartphone memory, then you can use them without having to connect to the network, with full functionality, including address search and route guidance.