Luminati Aerospace tests Internet drones

In the near future, the internet can be delivered not only by cables or transmitters but also by drones circling high above our heads. One such machine called VO-Substrata, is designed by Luminati Aerospace and is just starting to test its new product.

Not only does Facebook think of delivering the Internet by air, using drones that act as radio signal transmitters. A similar concept is also being developed by Luminati Aerospace, which is launching the first test of its self-propelled VO-Substrata.

The early prototype of the new flying unit is an aircraft controlled by the pilot, but the final version will fly in autonomous mode, reaching a ceiling of 18 km and will never have to land again. The machine is driven by an electric motor powered by solar batteries installed on its wings. Dron will therefore be completely maintenance free, and thanks to the large ceiling, it will cover a large area.