Nanotatoses helpful in medicine

Once upon a time, tattoos were only used to decorate the body. Today, their electronic versions are created, which are by no means an aesthetic function, but find many different uses, such as in medicine. For this purpose, nanotatrons developed by scientists from Tel Aviv University are used.

Israeli researchers have created a new type of sticky tattoos equipped with nanotechnology that have already found use in medicine. Tattoos made of carbon-based electrodes placed on the skin measure muscle and nerve activity, thus collecting data to help restore damaged tissue.

The invention developed by Professor Yael Hanein is an alternative to electromyography, which is not a very comfortable medical procedure where the patient plugs the electrodes directly into the muscle. Tattoos do the same thing, but they are much more comfortable for the patient, because they can be worn all day and do not interfere with doing anything by monitoring them simultaneously.