NFC implants can be very useful

Electronic implants are increasingly installed in our bodies. Some allow you to control your blood pressure without having to take medications, while others are useful in diabetics, allowing you to monitor your glucose levels. In the future, implants will become increasingly popular and people will install them mainly for convenience.

Hacker Seth Wahle claims that properly used implants with NFC transmitters can be very useful in our lives, as demonstrated by a recent Miami conference devoted to cutting-edge technologies.

He showed that these types of sensors placed under the skin, they serve to control the smartphone. Of course, this is not the only use of it, as it can also open the door without the use of a key and will also serve as a useful element of smart home systems, such as automatically extinguishing and lighting up when entering the room, preparing coffee after the user’s return, or by heating Dinner in the stove.

Interestingly these types of solutions are now available to ordinary consumers and NFC chips can be purchased for around $ 40. Equipped with 1 kb of built-in memory, you can program specific functions. This may include unlocking your smartphone, unlocking your car door, controlling your home appliances, etc.