Samsung will produce smartphones with Windows Phone

The Korean giant intends to limit its attachment to Android in the near future and launch several new smartphones with the Microsoft platform. The company has already announced a couple of new devices that will function based on Windows Phone.

So far, Samsung has focused primarily on Android smartphones, but the declining sales of mobile devices have led the company to change its sales strategy and diversify its offerings. The Korean giant has decided that it will launch fewer Android products in the future and instead offer consumers with Windows Phone.

The company wants to tap into Microsoft’s new policy, which recently announced it is releasing license fees for using its platform with all displays with displays below 9 inches.

Samsung is already offering two smartphones with windows, which are Ativ S and Ativ SE, but wants to increase their number in the future. But it is not known what direction the Korean giant will take, so it will do in the same way that HTC, which has made its One M8 version both with Windows Phone and Android, or will design completely new models. It’s just that Samsung is aiming for budget devices, so it’s not likely to be a flagship device.