Tesla Powerwall has a new rival

Tesla Motors’ home-grown fashion for home batteries may soon be gaining in popularity. Consumers wishing to cut their energy bill for the time being may purchase the expensive Tesla Powerwall, but soon the latest competitor, Orison Tower, will be sold.

Tesla Powerwall is the name of the home battery, which is intended to help reduce electricity bills. This is an energy storage system that can be recharged, for example, during nighttime fares, and to use the day’s electricity during the day, using it to power a TV, refrigerator, computer, and many other receivers. You can also connect it to a photovoltaic cell system and have almost free energy if you do not have to pay for installation costs.

Tesla Powerwall is currently the only product of its kind on the market, but soon the Orison Tower will be developed by Orison engineers, who will collect money for the Kickstarter project and show off the latest prototype at the Barcelona fair.

Orison Tower, unlike Tesla Powerwall, is not installed on the wall (though it is such a version), but on the ground and looks like a modern speaker tower. The capacity of the device is 2.2 kWh, which is enough to power a refrigerator for 24 hours, or for six hours a TV and a laptop.

The important thing is that the device connects to its own cloud to determine the best time to charge the battery, that is, when the lower tariff applies, if we use it. The charging process itself is fully automatic and the dedicated application informs the user how much money he has saved and gives general statistics on the device.

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The most important thing is that the Orison Tower does not need to be installed, which saves us a lot of extra costs. All you have to do is select a place to place your equipment and plug it into a power outlet. And the manufacturer ensures that the warranty covers 5000 charge cycles or 10 years of use. It is also interesting that the battery has a built-in Bluetooth speaker and five USB ports to charge our toys.

The wall-mounted Orison Tower costs $ 1,600, while the floor variant is $ 1950, and pre-sales can be made on the Kickster website.