The Chinese will build a radar on the moon

China plans to build a manned radar station on the moon. A transmitter equipped with a 50 meter antenna will be used for scientific and military purposes. Its construction may begin in 2020.

China has had a rover for a few years on the moon, and will soon build a crew base there. Some time ago they planned to build a radar station, equipped with a giant antenna.

The project funded by the government with the amount of 16 million yuan (about 9 million zlotys), began several months ago and is currently in the planning phase. Engineers will develop a model that will allow them to see how useful such a base would be.

The plan is to build a radar station for scientific and military purposes. The equipment provided would allow you to monitor large areas of land on Earth as well as marine areas, generating 1.4 GB of data per second. Of course the station is to be manned and the astronauts staying there will deal with the preliminary analysis of the data collected.